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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

No Time for Tidying Up? Sorry, I Can't Help With That!

My daughter has recently become obsessed with the professional de-clutterer, Marie Kondo. She's gotten hold of my disheveled tee shirt drawer and spent over an hour folding and rolling, shifting, and stacking. Opening my drawer, it now looks like an ad in the IKEA catalogue. "Mama, you're such a mess," she says. It's not completely untrue. Organization is definitely not one of my strengths. "But I'm an artist!" I joke back at her. 

When she starts heading to my closet for my haphazard pile of jeans, looking more like a less put together version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I beg to delve into it later. What would I rather do? Go through my jeans pile or punch out the next chapter of my new manuscript? Duh. I am not a hider of my weaknesses, in fact I will admit I have flaws-a-plenty, I just try to highlight my strengths instead. You probably don't want to invite me over to help tidy up your basement, but I guarantee I can make you out to be a Rockstar on your resume! What would you choose?

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