Saturday, February 8, 2020

Snowy Days, Great Memories

Snow days in Georgia are rare, so when we actually get one, we try to make sure we appreciate Mother Nature to her fullest. It always humors me when I realize that we've had next to no lake activity for months but as soon as it starts snowing we're just drawn to the water: hot tub, lake, whatever.

Years ago, before we got our foam dock floats replaced, our covered steel dock would often sink in the snow. Kim and I would have to scramble, quickly hopping in the paddle boat and kayak to tap the heavy weight off the roof in hopes of getting it on top of the water again. Today we are just appreciating the beauty of winter.

This morning we all sat in the hot tub with our coffees. Senia Mae, of course, made a snowball and started eating it. After a few tasty morsels she turned to me and said, "Wanna bite?" And in a moment of un-adultness I said yes.

Instantly I remembered that cold, crunchy flavor of real snow... gritty, a little dirty, but unbelievably a flavor that brought me back to my childhood in Massachusetts where winters always meant hours outside building igloos, sledding, and yes... eating snow.

The taste sent me into a time warp when I, too, was ten and the most scrumptious meals were in the form of snowballs and icicles. What were your best snow day memories? Send me your your winter snow day pictures. I'd love to see them.