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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Unicorn Bakers Unite!!

I have said many times that if I don't make it as a writer and I become too feeble to be a good chiropractor then I will make a living baking unicorn and Barbie cakes for kids parties. Piping purple frosting into flowers of a Victorian ball gown or making sure the sugar cone horn is angled just right is a secret passion of mine. I could do it all day.

One of my patients that also shares my unicorn baking passion presented me with a hilarious handmade Yeti style cup the other day.
I could not take my eyes off of it between the glitter, the real epoxied rainbow sprinkles, the baking unicorn, and of course the hilarious message. It seemed that I could not have received a more awesome and appropriate gift. The next couple of days I proudly poured every cold drink I ingested into it.

Senia Mae was also smitten with the glitter and the sprinkles. So lickable... almost, so sweet... but not really.

"Mama," she gasped after reading the cup's message, sounding completely appalled. "I can't be...lieve you would use THAT cup with the BAD word on it!"

The great thing about her being nine is that she still thinks I'm cool, still wants to snuggle, and basically can get herself up in the morning. The bad thing about her being nine is that she can read.

"I know its a bad word but..." I wanted to say that as an adult there are plenty of times you want to serve some shut the fucupcakes but can't. I wanted to say that in twenty five years you'll understand and laugh with me. But what I really said was, "I really like it for the picture and the sprinkles," which was not completely untrue! How often do you fib to your kids?

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