Sunday, August 25, 2019

Why I love XM Radio

Howard Jones belts out the words of New Song on XM channel 33, First Wave classic alternative. The awesome synthesizer melody plays as I turn onto Highway 400 in my mom car but my mind remembers riding my three speed purple Schwinn up and down California Road, butt always hovering a foot higher than the hard, cracked banana seat.

I'm messy haired and gangly dressed in my cousin's hand me down Jordache jeans rolled up at the leg because she was so much taller. That girl that is me belts out Don't Crack up, Bend Your Brain, See Both Sides, Throw Off Your Mental Chains as the wind blows through her hair. It's funny how one song can toss you back thirty five years in a blink.

I remember trying to learn that riff on my sister's Casio, wishing it had just one more octave so I could reach the highs, frustrated that Santa always chose to leave her instruments under the tree even though I was the musical one. Even with that frustration I can hear the message in those lyrics Don't Crack up, Bend Your Brain, See Both Sides, Throw Off Your Mental Chains and with those words of wisdom everything seems right in the world.

Are those words better than any self help book I've ever read? Maybe. Music has always helped me escape and unwind, what is your escape? I'd love to hear.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Unicorn Bakers Unite!!

I have said many times that if I don't make it as a writer and I become too feeble to be a good chiropractor then I will make a living baking unicorn and Barbie cakes for kids parties. Piping purple frosting into flowers of a Victorian ball gown or making sure the sugar cone horn is angled just right is a secret passion of mine. I could do it all day.

One of my patients that also shares my unicorn baking passion presented me with a hilarious handmade Yeti style cup the other day.
I could not take my eyes off of it between the glitter, the real epoxied rainbow sprinkles, the baking unicorn, and of course the hilarious message. It seemed that I could not have received a more awesome and appropriate gift. The next couple of days I proudly poured every cold drink I ingested into it.

Senia Mae was also smitten with the glitter and the sprinkles. So lickable... almost, so sweet... but not really.

"Mama," she gasped after reading the cup's message, sounding completely appalled. "I can't be...lieve you would use THAT cup with the BAD word on it!"

The great thing about her being nine is that she still thinks I'm cool, still wants to snuggle, and basically can get herself up in the morning. The bad thing about her being nine is that she can read.

"I know its a bad word but..." I wanted to say that as an adult there are plenty of times you want to serve some shut the fucupcakes but can't. I wanted to say that in twenty five years you'll understand and laugh with me. But what I really said was, "I really like it for the picture and the sprinkles," which was not completely untrue! How often do you fib to your kids?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Morning blessings

Sometimes my morning prayer goes like this...

"Lord, thank you for all of the gifts and blessings you have given me."
"Thank you for giving me my loving wife and our beautiful child whom we adore."
"Thank you for blessing me with a successful office with a career that I love and feel passionate about."
"Lord, I thank you for all of the talents you have bestowed on me..."

"Lord, I'll try NOT to screw it up!!"

I'd love to hear your morning prayer/meditation...what is yours?

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Rock Rock Til You Drop

In my mind I'm still a baby skinned, bad-ass rebel. In reality, I once was a bad-ass rebel but am currently a dutiful, obligated, child-rearing softie. To make myself feel better, like I'm still cool, I put the rag top down and let the warm summer wind blow through my hair.

The open air is freeing in a sense but as I take the curve with a little more gusto than usual, my mid drifts and I realize that I can't even remember the last time I misbehaved. I mean regretfully misbehaved (not get yourself sent to prison misbehaved, but embarrassed if anyone really knew misbehaved.) I drive a little farther and ponder the differences between my current persona and the twenty year old one.

The car hugs the curve and as I feel that familiar resistant pull on the steering wheel. I turn up stereo as it booms Def Leppard's Rock Rock Til You Drop. The thud, thud, thud, rings in my chest as my neck bobs to the heavy, pulsating rhythm. I move my hands from their ten and two positions to a single grip, right palm resting a top the steering wheel as I push my aviators up and view life through their yellow ambiance. Oh yeah, this is the stuff. That girl is still in there. I suddenly feel powerful, confident, and in control.

My moment lasts for just that, a single moment before a sudden gust of wind bellows through the front seat and sends my grocery list flying out of the car like a brittle, autumn leaf. I sigh a deep heavy sigh wondering how I'm going to find it on the side of the busy road but then remember... I'm a bad-ass rebel. I don't need a grocery list, I've got it all upstairs. Take that Kroger!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Maybe Wishes Really Do Come True

"Make a Wish," Senia Mae said as she blew the billowy, white seeds of the blossoming dandelion in my face.

"My wish is...," but before I can finish my words are abruptly cut off.

"Mama," Senia Mae said in a gentle yet scolding tone, "everybody knows your wish has to stay a secret. If anyone else knows it won't come true."

"Oh," I said. "I guess you'll never know what it is." I've never really believed that your wish has to be kept a secret because if it is never heard than how can anyone make sure it happens? This opinion I kept hidden from my daughter although I'm sure she knows my wish for the last 10 years has been for my manuscript to be picked up by a traditional publisher.

This morning, though, I believe a subconscious wish of mine may have come true... getting Senia Mae out the door on time. After a summer of struggling to get our bodies over the threshold before 8:25 a.m., I thought today, the first day of school, would be one more dreadful morning of the wrestling of wills. Imagining that I would have to drag myself to her room several times, pleading with her to climb out of bed and not make me late, I was pleasantly surprised when she crept into my room before the alarm went off at 6. Who's kid is this and what did you do with mine?

"Mama, it's the first day of school. Time to get up!" she said. The rest of the morning was nearly effortless.

"You must be really excited."

"I am," she said. "Now, please don't make me late." I laughed when I realized my own words were being tossed back at me.

I'm sure every parent dreams of easy mornings where the kids get themselves ready, pleasant mornings when you it isn't necessary to raise your voice and you actually get to sip your coffee while its still hot. I don't know, it sure felt like a dream today. I guess I'll just have to see how long this independent spell lasts, for I know even the best intentions sometimes get blown into the wind like dandelion seeds. But for now I'm going to hang on to this one and hope that wishes really do come true.