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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Broken nipples? No Problemo!

Let me begin by saying that I am a fairly self sufficient woman. Most minor home repairs,computer technicalities, or appliance mishaps are events I can handle on a regular basis. So when the hot tub repairman was booked out three weeks to a month I thought I might be able to address the issue myself.

Fortunately the repair manual was online and I was able to locate the FLC error code being associated with a pressure switch failure. Of course none of the local spa stores carried the part. The guy on the YouTube video made the replacement of it look simple so I ordered the universal switch online and it arrived promptly in two days.

Taking off the service panel I located the water heater and then the faulty pressure switch that was screwed into it's top. I knew to turn off both pressure valves to stop any excessive flow of water before I started unscrewing the old switch. Water slowly dripped as I turned it ever so gently, trying to let the pressurized water release. I obviously gave the second turn too much gusto because the whole switch just popped right off. Instantaneously a magnificent geyser of water erupted all over the circuit board... not good.

I did know enough about how water and electronics should NOT mix to put put my finger over the hole to slow down whatever permanent damage I was causing. Looking at the size of the heater, which was no larger than one liter, I estimated all the water should be released in a few minutes. There I stood, in the muck underneath the sticky hot tub deck maneuvering my finger every few seconds so the squirt of water was aimed at me instead of at the electronics.

Minutes passed and the pressure was not slowing so I thought I'd just try to screw in the new switch. After several unsuccessful attempts, water was spewing into the circuit as I cussed, my frustrated voice echoing into the peaceful wilderness just as our guests arrived. Natalie and her boyfriend Jeff, who happens to be an electrical engineer, walked down the steps bringing gifts of frozen watermelon margaritas.

Keeping my left finger over the darn overflowing hole I gladly accepted some liquid relief and asked Jeff if he could take a look at what was going on. As I licked the frozen goodness off my upper lip he said, "You can't get this new one screwed in because the threads of the old switch broke off in the hole." Instant relief flooded me knowing it wasn't only my lack of skill.

"How can that come out?"

"Well you're going to need to go to the Home Depot and get a broken nipple extractor..." I nearly peed myself I laughed so hard. Isn't that just what every woman needs? A broken nipple extractor? It was the perfect phrase to break my terrible mood. Thank you, Jeff.

So off I'm heading to the Home Depot where every other female employee is somewhat similar to me. I will then proceed to ask them if they can help me locate a broken nipple extractor.

To be continued...


Diane Bearden said...

I love your posts, especially this one. Once you got it fixed

Rowe Carenen said...

This made me literally LOL! I can totally see this happening.

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