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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Forty years later...Thank you, Santa!

It was Christmas 1977, the middle of a decade that flourished on the mindset that bigger is definitely better. The world cried as they watched the funeral of their larger than life icon, Elvis Presley. Gram's Chevrolet Caprice came standard with a 454 engine and a back seat the size of a double bed. My enormous but stylish bell bottoms got stuck in my bicycle chain daily until I learned how to keep them contained with rubber bands around my ankles. Yep, we were living large for sure.

That year I asked Santa for a small palm-sized television so I could watch my favorite cartoons on the bus as I rode to school. My creative little mind yearned for the exact opposite of everything gigantic in the 70s. Little did I know back then.

The jolly, white bearded man turned towards me with an extremely serious expression, as if I were insane for even considering that a small, TV-like device could ever be possible. I thought elves could make anything.
Santa was courteous enough to leave me a note on the chalkboard that read, "In the North Pole we just don't have the resources," but hoped I would be satisfied with him leaving the family a present... our first color television. I was thrilled.

Flash forward forty years. I am completely immersed in adulthood stress with a list of chores as long as my arm. This morning I'm sitting in an uncomfortably hard chair in a room over scented by car fresheners smelling like a cheap flower explosion as I wait on an oil change.

Today I have a palm-sized iPhone 7 plus in my hand. I hit the home button and get a Yahoo finance alert that says, "Morning brief: Dow recorded largest single-day point decline in history." Fortunately in 2018 I have the choice to either watch as my financial future crumbles right in front of my eyes or I can put on my earbuds and open up my new Boomerang from Cartoon Network app.
Flintstones... Meet the Flintstones...They're the Modern Stone-Age Family...From the Town of Bedrock...It's a Place Right Out of History. I'm already feeling more positive about the day.

Who says you can't always get what you want? Sometimes it's all about the timing. Thank you, Santa, better late than never.


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