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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mom's Nightmare...Don't Say The Washing Machine is Broken!

The past few times I have showered downstairs after my morning workout I have felt a tingling sensation run up my arm as I turned on the hot water. "That must have been an electrifying workout," I would kid to myself without much more thought. That was until I stepped out of the shower and looked up, noticing the ceiling light fixture half-full of water. My workout wasn't any more intense than usual, I was just unknowingly electrocuting myself.

Water in the downstairs light fixture usually means the washing machine is leaking upstairs. If you don't know so already, our lovely abode is a 1957 lake cabin that slants downhill towards the lake. Any stray water runs down the wall, through the ceiling, then uses the bathroom light fixture as a collection bucket.

In this house, saying the washing machine is broken is almost as severe as saying Christmas has been canceled. Kim was the oldest of six kids, so she grew up washing the few sets of clothes they had on a daily basis.

Even though our family of three creates much less dirty laundry than what she is used to, Kim still has that old mindset and is now what I call a "constant launderer." Even though our washer is only a few years old, because it is constantly running it probably gets the use of a washer five to ten years older.

I like to consider myself a diva of diagnosis. It's what I do in practice to help people heal from the inside out... I see no reason why I can't help the washing machine do the same. The LG help line sent me a text of the six most common front loader leak areas, I should be able to check those locations and be done with it. Nope. After cleaning all six areas and running the empty tub clean cycle three times in a row, warm suds are still spewing from underneath the machine. Of course I declined the extended warranty,guess I'll have to suck it up and call the 800 number!

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