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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Butt paste... not only for sore bottoms!

Here in Georgia, it seems as the first school bell rings into session, so do the back to school sniffles. I am always surprised that after a full summer of fresh air and immune-boosting sunshine... seven hours of a packed classroom can bring on the bright red, inflamed upper lip from a runny nose.

It used to be that I could run to the white bathroom cabinet, grab the salve, and have it applied to her face without any fight or fury. This particular evening we were tired and sitting on the couch. Nonchalantly Kim asked if Senia Mae could run into the bathroom and grab the green tube of cream on the bottom shelf so we could address her sore upper lip before bedtime.

Every mom knows that most household items have multiple uses, much more than what is printed on the label. Forgetting that our child can now read, we burst out laughing as Senia Mae returned to the living room with a completely appalled expression on her face.
"But Momma, THIS is butt paste!"

"Oh, that's the stuff, it's just called butt paste, but its really good for any type of skin rash or irritation."

"Are you sure?" she asked skeptically holding it up to her nose as if it might actually smell like a butt.
"Yes, its the same stuff we put on last night... you just didn't know. Sometimes I forget you can read!" LOL.

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