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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We are the Winners!

"I just can't believe we won," Senia Mae said, both hands holding on as she peeked over the tailgate at the folded green and metallic pile in the truck bed. Yes, we were the lucky winners. I had totally forgotten that we had placed a silent auction bid at
Shenanigan's last week until I got the call this morning.

Who would actually buy that? I laughed to myself as we walked up to the brightly colored double dog stroller during the Shucking for Shamrocks fundraiser Labor Day Weekend. I was more interested in the tour posters signed by the Indigo Girls or the sterling silver wrist cuff with the turquoise cross inlay, but the Best Pet Double Dog Stroller seemed like a useless item that would just take up space in the garage. My six year old daughter thought differently. She was instantly mesmerized.

"Oh, Mama, look at this!" she said enthusiastically. "Birdie and Luna would just love it!" She glided her hand over the mesh zipper enclosure looking longingly at the device that would basically force the dogs into going everywhere with her. They may love it if they were miniature Yorkies, but Birdie and Luna were both twenty pounds and usually ran the roads with us. For Senia Mae's sake they might tolerate the stroller, but they definitely wouldn't love it.

"I don't know," I said trying to guide away from the Best Pet.

"Mama, please, it would be just perfect. We NEED this!" We definitely didn't need this, I don't know if anyone really needed this, but it was cute. I looked at the sign up sheet and only one other person had placed a bid. It was still early in the auction, so I thought if I bid $5 over the first offer I would certainly be outdone by some other crazy person yearning for a double dutch pooch pusher.

I heard giggling on the other end of the line as the girl read the auction item we had won. "You are the winners of the Best Pet double dog stroller!"

"Please tell me you're kidding," I mocked sarcasm. "I didn't win the tour of the winery or the barbeque grill?"


"My daughter is going to be beside herself when she hears the news that we are the winners of such a major award," I said.

"Well I'm glad it went to you then."

"At least now the poor dogs won't be shoved into her doll carriage." I said. "I'll pick it up today so she'll be surprised after school."

She spotted it in the back of the truck as soon as we pulled into the driveway and her look of pure joy made a useless purchase completely worth it.

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