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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Can dogs have kittens? lol

A conversation from our morning commute to school:

"Mama, is Birdie going to have babies?" Senia Mae asked. Fortunately I am facing the road and she can't see me rolling my eyes saying, "Thank God, no," under my breath.

Birdie is our six year old pound puppy that looked strikingly similar to every stray dog roaming the streets of Cozumel... the ones whose pitiful eyes gave the poor me look as they begged for food. Although we love Birdie and have no doubts that she would be a expedient mother, we already have plenty of animals that require love and attention, one more puppy could easily turn our happy go lucky mini-farm into a literal "funny" farm. I spend nearly half of my day feeding and watering things. Right now our herd consists of two dogs, five cats, four chickens, and two fish.

After a long exhalation I answer, "No, honey. Birdie has been fixed so she can't have babies."

"But I really wanted a kitten!"

I was laughing so hard as we pulled into the carpool line that I didn't have time to explain that dogs have puppies and cats have kittens. Birdie, I am sure, would love to have her own kitten, birthed or adopted. She is very good mother to the ones we have now, letting them rub up under her belly and swat their tails over her face. I didn't have the heart or the time to break the news to Senia Mae that Birdie could never be a "true" mother of a kitten. I guess it will have to be a conversation for another time!

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