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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Key West - Blistering in Paradise

I am getting teary eyed as I call the island bike rental place to return our beach rides. We have pedaled all over this beautiful island, enough that both of our butts are sore. I have actually developed a little blister on the pad of my right thumb from gripping the handlebars, but it has been totally awesome.

Although Kim and I get along exceptionally well while on a relaxing vacation, I have realized that, as kids we must have been polar opposites. My personality as a child was a little more cautious and reserved, checking twice before I took any action. Kim on the other hand, was daring and care-free, cutting through traffic and doing wheelies. I have picked up on these details while trying to follow her on my bike all week.

Last night, after a few margaritas on Duval Street and watching the sunset, we got back on our bikes. Being safe riders, we pulled out our mini headlights and as we are clipping them on the handlebars Kim says, "Look, I've already got them flashing."

"I don't want them flashing, someone's going to have a seizure... they look like strobe lights," I said as I pushed the red button on mine to make it a steady stream of light.

"Well I want mine blinking," Kim said as she took off, quickly launching her bike over the side of the curb, merging in with the traffic.

"Hey Blinky, wait... ," I said to no one because she was already off. I am not comfortable riding my bike over the curb and feeling the hard seat slam into my innards. I rolled it gently over the edge then had to wait for a few cars to pass by, looking carefully to the right and left before making my move. Before I knew it she was almost a full block ahead of me, zipping through the streets like a courier, while I rode carefully beside the traffic, aware of every bump as I enjoyed looking at all the brightly colored Victorian homes with their tropical foliage.

Even though we both ended up in the same place, our travels were very different, but it didn't matter because each one of us was enjoying the ride, our own way. And isn't that really what visiting Key West is all about?

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