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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Underwear is Fun-to-wear! Underwear is Fun-to-wear!

I admit, since giving birth the shape of my lower end has...changed. It has not been drastic but has made certain articles a bit more uncomfortable. I experience more creeping and riding than ever before but am not willing to go out and buy new panties in the next larger size. Yes, I am stubborn. For comfort, sometimes I just skip wearing them altogether and without me being aware, my secret little stalker has picked up on the new trend.

We were visiting Uncle Terry and Aunt Vickie the other day and Senia Mae wanted to stay in her footie pajamas. It was damp and dreary day, dull, dismal, and gray. Pajamas seemed perfect, I would just carry her in. Her cousin was playing dress up and brought out a fluffy white leotard/tutu combination for Senia Mae to change into. You should have seen those eyes light up. She was ready to shed the jammies.

"My zipper is stuck," Senia Mae said. "Will someone help me?"

We were all sitting around the kitchen table playing Mexican Train Dominoes as I helped her with the zipper on her sleeper. As it dropped to the floor she stood completely naked in the middle of the room.

"Looks like someone's going commando," Terry laughed out loud.

"Senia Mae, why aren't you wearing underpants?" I asked as my face turned beet red.

"I just didn't feel like it," she said. "and you don't wear any." I felt myself wanting to hide under the table as everyone burst out laughing over my embarrassment from the innocent exposure.

"I don't know what she's talking about," I lied, not doing a very good job at convincing the crowd as they rolled their eyes. "This leotard has underpants in it, you should be fine. Let's get you dressed." I tried to revert the attention back to her and within moments she ran off with the other gowned gals, forgetting the whole incident.

Since Senia Mae is four and attending the Methodist preschool in town, I felt like the issue was something Kim and I needed to address to prevent future embarrassment for all parties. Kim had a great idea. This morning all three of us chanted "Underwear is fun to wear... Underwear is fun to wear," as Senia Mae skipped around the house getting dressed. The tactic was successful today, but as every parent knows, everyday is a new adventure. We'll see how tomorrow goes!

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