Saturday, January 24, 2015

The problem with thrift store shopping

I always find it humorous to watch which character traits Senia Mae has taken from me and what she has picked up from Kim. If any of you know us personally, you probably know that Kim is the clean freak and I am the sentimental storer/pile maker. Today's background squabble of the day was Kim threatening to vacuum up Senia Mae's Barbie shoes that she haphazardly shoved under the bookshelf when asked to clean up her mess. Okay, that would be a Kara trait she picked up. The house was suddenly loud with the whirr of the vacuum as Kim pulled out the shelf and Senia Mae pleaded in the background, "No, no, those mean something to me," running up to the shelf and scooping the shoes up in a hurry.

"Well a clean house means something to me," Kim replied.

On goes the daily battle of what stays and what goes. Sometimes it is even so tough that we have to go through Senia Mae's clothes and old toys when she's at school. Several weeks ago, after the Christmas surplus, we made a quick deposit at the Abba House thrift store about a mile down the road. I have thought nothing of it since then.

A few days ago I wanted to drop off an old office chair as Senia Mae and I were running errands. "Can we go inside?" she asked. "I want to see the fish and the waterfall."

"Ok," I said, wanting to see how many steps I would get walking around the thrift store with my new Fitbit.

The thrift store resides in a now defunct outdoor sportsman's shop, so the inside is sanded pine and very rustic, with a flowing waterfall that collects into an indoor coy pool. Senia Mae thinks it is totally awesome because there is a walking bridge over a narrow section of the pool. Right behind the coy pond is the used treadmill and lawnmower section that I was eying as Senia Mae stared into the continuous ebb below.

"Mama, can we go see the toys?"

"Sure," I said without thinking. Then I spotted the half broken Barbie house we had donated the week before. Maybe she wouldn't notice.

"Look, Mama, this looks just like mine," Senia Mae said as I guided her past the other Barbie houses to the clothes rack. She immediately gravitated towards the shoes, another Kara trait, and sat down, pulling a pair of purple Laura Ashley flowered sandals off the shelf.

"I just love these, they look just like the ones I have."

"Had," I whispered under my breath, hoping I wasn't going to have to purchase something I had already donated. That is the problem with shopping and donating to the same store. You never know when you might just have to buy your own stuff back in order to save face.

"Senia Mae, those are really too small," I said. "They won't fit in the summer time. We have another pair at home that is a little bit bigger." Fortunately for me she agreed and we headed on to the next aisle. Whew. That one could have gone either way!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

She was right...Disney princesses do NOT wear blue jeans!

We spent several days last week chasing down princesses at Disney World and I have to admit it was magical. Watching my daughter's face light up as her dreams were coming true was more fun than when I went there myself as a kid.

Senia Mae was right, though...not one of those princesses was wearing blue jeans. She decided that she wouldn't either. The first day she was Queen Elsa, the second Princess Belle, and the third day Princess Anna. When we finally met the 'Real' Princess Anna Senia Mae drilled her.

"Are you the real Anna and Elsa?" she said.

"Well, I'm the real Anna," Princess Anna said. "Go ahead, touch me!"
It was awesome!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Underwear is Fun-to-wear! Underwear is Fun-to-wear!

I admit, since giving birth the shape of my lower end has...changed. It has not been drastic but has made certain articles a bit more uncomfortable. I experience more creeping and riding than ever before but am not willing to go out and buy new panties in the next larger size. Yes, I am stubborn. For comfort, sometimes I just skip wearing them altogether and without me being aware, my secret little stalker has picked up on the new trend.

We were visiting Uncle Terry and Aunt Vickie the other day and Senia Mae wanted to stay in her footie pajamas. It was damp and dreary day, dull, dismal, and gray. Pajamas seemed perfect, I would just carry her in. Her cousin was playing dress up and brought out a fluffy white leotard/tutu combination for Senia Mae to change into. You should have seen those eyes light up. She was ready to shed the jammies.

"My zipper is stuck," Senia Mae said. "Will someone help me?"

We were all sitting around the kitchen table playing Mexican Train Dominoes as I helped her with the zipper on her sleeper. As it dropped to the floor she stood completely naked in the middle of the room.

"Looks like someone's going commando," Terry laughed out loud.

"Senia Mae, why aren't you wearing underpants?" I asked as my face turned beet red.

"I just didn't feel like it," she said. "and you don't wear any." I felt myself wanting to hide under the table as everyone burst out laughing over my embarrassment from the innocent exposure.

"I don't know what she's talking about," I lied, not doing a very good job at convincing the crowd as they rolled their eyes. "This leotard has underpants in it, you should be fine. Let's get you dressed." I tried to revert the attention back to her and within moments she ran off with the other gowned gals, forgetting the whole incident.

Since Senia Mae is four and attending the Methodist preschool in town, I felt like the issue was something Kim and I needed to address to prevent future embarrassment for all parties. Kim had a great idea. This morning all three of us chanted "Underwear is fun to wear... Underwear is fun to wear," as Senia Mae skipped around the house getting dressed. The tactic was successful today, but as every parent knows, everyday is a new adventure. We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The game of twenty questions

Driving in the car always seems to stimulate Senia Mae's inquisitive thinking. Even if we are only taking a five minute trip the conversational slew of questions can range from "How many months have Kelly and Steph lived in their house?" to "Why are the green colors on the traffic light round?" There is no telling what kind of question may arise as her little mind explores new concepts.

Today we were meeting our friends Kelly and Stephanie with their daughter, Stella, at the Fajita Grill for dinner. It was a little past dusk and the full moon was hiding behind a layer of clouds the shape of thinly shaved ice, looking seductive and eerie as it cast a whitish pink hue on the dark sky. I had just finished answering a question about why fingernails grow and was thinking about my next response if the next question happened to be an anatomical one. In the backseat I heard a few exasperated sighs then a nervous little voice piped up.

"So what if someone got gum stuck in their eyebrow?" Senia Mae asked theoretically.

"What?" Kim said as she turned around. She couldn't see anything because it was pitch dark in the car. At first the seriousness of the question didn't dawn on either of us. It seemed like another trivia quiz from Spin the Rolodex of Randomness.

"If someone had gum stuck in their eyebrow what would you do?" Senia Mae asked again, her voice squeaking this time. "Would they have to go to the hosibal?" Even though she claimed to want to be a neurosurgeon, Senia Mae was petrified of having to go to any doctor, even the eye doctor. I could hear the panic in her voice as she squirmed in the back seat.

"Well," Kim said, "If someone gets gum stuck in their hair you usually have to cut it out with scissors. Sometimes they will have to walk around with a funny haircut for a while but it does eventually grow back." I could tell she was processing something huge by the sudden silence in the rear. Until then, the reasoning behind all of the questions still had not occurred to us but then suddenly appeared. Senia Mae had gum stuck in her eyebrow.

"I don't want to talk about this anymore," Senia Mae grumbled.

"Why are you asking about all of this?" I said as I burst out laughing. "Do you have gum stuck in your eyebrow?" Just then Kim turned on the light an saw Senia Mae's thumb and forefinger nervously playing with her right eyebrow.
Apparently our hysterical laughter made Senia Mae more upset because she started whimpering in the back seat.

"Will you have to cut my eyebrow off?" she asked.

"Hmmm," I said. "There's probably not enough hair to cut it off. We could shave it off so you'd have only one eyebrow for a while or maybe cover it with some duct tape? Mommy Kim what do you think?" I knew we were taking it a little too far, but it was just so funny. There was a fire truck and ambulance already parked when we pulled into the restaurant.

"Oh, no," Senia Mae whined. "I don't want those firemen pulling the gum out of my eyebrow." I am certain that Kim and I could have been more empathetic if the whole scene was not so hysterical. We had just watched The Christmas Story and Senia Mae thought the firemen were going to treat her eyebrow like they did when Schlick's tongue was stuck to the frozen flagpole. After a moment of having to catch her breath, Kim finally took over the good parent role while trying to stifle the giggles.

"I think we can probably get it out with some peanut butter when we get home. Does that sound better than using the firemen to get it out?" Senia Mae nodded with relief.

"How about..." Senia Mae cut me off mid sentence.

"Mommy, this is too much. I don't want to talk about it anymore," she said as we walked inside the restaurant and met the girls. There were so many more things I wanted to add...we could get the gum out with the toy Pet Palace brush, but I could see that she was really upset and decided to just let it go before the poor kid needed therapy.