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Saturday, December 13, 2014

She's growing up so fast...

To you or me, five years goes by in a blink. Memories that I remember as if they just happened are now a half a decade old, that's how fast time moves in my life. To Senia Mae, five years is an eternity. We were driving home from a Santa train ride and to pacify the backseat jitters during the hour long trip I let Senia Mae play with my phone. I would never have imagined that flipping through my iTunes playlist would be so captivating.

After jumping through a few quick introductions to several different tunes she finally stopped at the beginning of the list of B song titles. I heard the synthesizer first. Da...Da da, "Wo ooh wo ooh wo ooh wo," Justin Bieber belted out in that innocent, sixteen year old high pitched voice. Kim and I immediately started moving our heads to the beat, left to right in unison, remembering the million times we had to sing his song Baby to Senia Mae as an infant.

"What song is this?" Senia Mae asked from the backseat.

"You don't remember this song?" Kim asked her.

"I have never heard this," Senia Mae said.

"Mae Mae, this was your favorite song when you were a baby. Mommy and I memorized every single word, even the rap parts, because we had to sing it to you so many times. You loved it," I said. "We would hold you under the arms as you stood on the desk and your knees would bounce to the music. You laughed and laughed to this song, and when you cried in the car we either had to sing it or play it on the radio. You would instantly stop crying. That's how much you loved it." She looked back at me with big eyes, believing what I said but obviously had no connection to the memory.

"We always had to make sure we had the CD in the car and Mama even learned how to play it on her guitar," Kim said.

"Oh," she said, sounding surprised. "I don't remember that but I do like it," and for once she let an entire song play from start to finish. Kim and I sat in the front seat flabbergasted. It was hard to imagine that she could not remember something so significant, even though we do realize that she was not even one years old. To Kim and I those memories are fresh, like they happened only yesterday, but to her it was a lifetime ago.

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