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Monday, December 15, 2014

Everybody take your positions!

Senia Mae has begun her home directorial debut, mimicking the rehearsals of her preschool's Christmas nativity re-enactment. Even though the real performance isn't until Wednesday, everyone who visits our house has gotten a humorous dose of what is to come. In today's living room rendition, it was decided by the director that I was to play Mary and Momma Kim was going to be Joseph. Savannah was playing the parts of all three wise men, Darrell became the twinkling star, and Katie was chosen for the angel.

"Why do I have to be Joseph?" Momma Kim asked Senia Mae. "I want to be a girl."

The stern director looked at Momma Kim, pointed her index finger and made only a sound, "Eh," indicating she wanted silence.

"If Darrell's here and he's the only boy why can't he play Joseph?" I asked next.

"Eh," she said firmly. "You are Mary and Momma Kim is Joseph. Now everybody take your positions."

"Senia Mae, how about if we eat dinner first and afterwards we will all do the play?" I asked. "We are all starving and will be better actors if we are not hungry." Out of empathy, the director granted us lenience and we loaded our plates with meatloaf, heading for the dinner table. Not wanting to give up her control of the group, Senia Mae led us in several extensive prayers and acknowledgements, until we finally had to cut her off. You could tell by the high pitched excitement in her tone that she was enjoying the spotlight.

After a few minutes of eating dinner Senia Mae said, "Kim, can I have another roll, please?" She was kneeling on the dining room chair, standing as tall as she could so she could tower over the table.

"What did you call me?" Kim asked, a little offended that the director was bypassing her title of momma.

"I said please," Senia Mae said. She couldn't understand why Kim was questioning her.

"What did you call me?" Kim asked again.

You could almost see the circuits spinning inside of Senia Mae's head as she scrunched her eyebrows, appearing to be in deep thought. Then her face relaxed and she got it, understanding what all of the fuss was about.

"Okay, Joseph...can I have another roll please?" I laughed so hard I actually peed a little.

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