Monday, November 3, 2014

Communicating with my 4 year old

Senia Mae slept late the other morning. It was cool, crisp, and inviting outside...all I wanted to do was have my coffee in the hot tub, enjoying the fall foliage as I watched the squirrels hurry up the tree trunks storing their supplies for the winter.

Since Senia Mae can't completely read yet I left her a picture note which I thought had a very clear message that I was in the hot tub drinking my coffee. After about ten minutes I heard the front door swing open.

"Mama, Mama?" she said, slightly panicked, thinking she had been left all alone.

"I'm right here in the hot tub," I shouted from around the corner. She ran up to me with little wells of tears held back in her eyes, throwing her arms around my neck with a sigh of relief. "Didn't you get my note? The picture said I was in the hot tub."

"Oh," Senia Mae said, "I thought that was a cake!"

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