Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The day we met Rapunzel's prince

We were sitting in one of those back to back booths having lunch with Bob and Melissa when I noticed Senia Mae peeking around me. As I helped myself to another spoonful of homemade creamed corn, I realized she was trying to catch a glimpse of the man sitting in the booth behind us.

"Mommy," she said quietly, but with enough strength in her voice to get my attention, "that man look's like Rapunzel's prince!"

"What?" Kim and I said in unison.

"That man behind you, he looks like Rapunzel's prince, Flynn Rider!" Senia Mae said again.

I tried to nonchalantly rotate my shoulders so that I could view him out of the corner of my eye. Kim just whipped her head around and said with an approving nod, "Yep, he does look like Rapunzel's prince."

Because the prince's seat was only a few feet away from ours, their whole table heard all of our chit chat.

The prince's wife understood the importance a proper introduction. She nudged him and said, "She thinks you are a prince. You should let her come meet you." Senia Mae overheard this and immediately started blushing.

"Do you want to go say hello to the Rapunzel's prince?" I asked Senia Mae as she tried to slither under the table, laying herself on the bench seat.

"Yes," she peeped.

Melissa grabbed her hand, leading her over to the prince. Senia Mae hesitated, becoming more bashful. Then the prince got down on one knee with his arms extended out to her. I could see Senia Mae's eyes glazing over, star struck and so in awe that her feet were practically glued to the floor. She was completely smitten, so much that we had to coerce her to pose for a picture with him. She looked as if she might pass out.
Afterwards we thanked him for being such a good sport. He smiled and said,"It was really nothing," but I think he really loved being some little girl's prince for a day.

Monday, November 10, 2014

You say goodbye...and I say Hello

Thank you Publishers Clearing House. I have finally found the solution. Goodbye fruit flies, hello Kitchen Rite Banana Bag. Happy, happy, happy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life's Love Notes

Yesterday was Kim and my 9th anniversary. It is a special day; we like to celebrate it with a romantic dinner while talking about the details of our first date. This year Kim left me a cute message on Senia Mae's chalkboard as well. It was covered with the letters KIM...KIM...KIM because these are three letters our little one has been working on at school. Underneath Senia Mae's writing Kim wrote 'LOVES KARA'.

Senia Mae stared at the chalkboard all day. She thought it was so cool that is actually said KIM LOVES KARA and could not stop talking about it. That was the cutest thing I had ever seen until she took it up a notch today.

As I was sitting at my computer desk she pulled out a little note pad and started writing. This is what it said: Senia Mae Kara Loves (supposed to be Senia Mae loves Kara, but we get the idea). She wanted me to know that she loves me, too!

I felt my heart instantly seize up as I looked over at my daughter, wanting to keep her in this phase forever. L.O.V.E...there's no better words to describe it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Communicating with my 4 year old

Senia Mae slept late the other morning. It was cool, crisp, and inviting outside...all I wanted to do was have my coffee in the hot tub, enjoying the fall foliage as I watched the squirrels hurry up the tree trunks storing their supplies for the winter.

Since Senia Mae can't completely read yet I left her a picture note which I thought had a very clear message that I was in the hot tub drinking my coffee. After about ten minutes I heard the front door swing open.

"Mama, Mama?" she said, slightly panicked, thinking she had been left all alone.

"I'm right here in the hot tub," I shouted from around the corner. She ran up to me with little wells of tears held back in her eyes, throwing her arms around my neck with a sigh of relief. "Didn't you get my note? The picture said I was in the hot tub."

"Oh," Senia Mae said, "I thought that was a cake!"

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Aunt Jenny helped me decorate for the Trunk or Treat at Senia Mae's school last week. She hadn't seen Senia Mae's costume and apparently does not follow the four year old Frozen fanatics because she tugged on my arm and said, "Hey, look at that cool aqua dress with the snowflakes on it," when another Ice Queen walked by.

"Oh, just wait," I said through my laughter, "That is Senia Mae's costume and probably every other girl in this school." We saw 9 more Elsas within the next thirty minutes.

Yesterday as we were trick or treating the temperature dropped to 46 degrees and I asked Senia Mae if she wanted to put on her fleece jacket over her blue gown. Her reply?

"The cold never bothered me anyway!"