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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Make-out Mayhem

I can see the look of heartbreak in Senia Mae's eyes when I say, "You can't wear a pink dress with your new sparkling red pumps... it doesn't go together." With utter devastation she pivots around, frowning with her hands on her hips, plodding back to her room as she wallows in her unimaginable misfortune. "How about a red dress? Or a black dress? Or even a white dress?" I suggest with empathy as I try not to let her see me giggling. Yes, we are raising a Diva, a Diva that watches and mimics our every move. Sometimes it is so overwhelmingly hilarious that I have to stop and write about it.

Lately our little one has been very affectionate and amorous, unexpectedly walking up to Kim or I and laying a long, wet smooch directly on our lips. At home we wriggle away while laughing, trying without words to get her to act a little more "appropriate". I definitely don't want to stifle her passion or break her spirit, but it can get embarrassing when she does this in public. The other day she was sitting on my lap in the waiting room at the car dealership. Out of nowhere she turned around, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a long one.

"Senia Mae!" My words come out muffled because I was laughing hysterically AND she was holding my head in place with her other hand. My eyes dart back and forth in the waiting room, hoping that no one else was giving me a funny look, thinking I was some kind of pervert. After a few thwarted attempts she was puckered out, her mind wandering onto something else. Later on that night she laid a big one on Momma Kim.

"Are you kissing us because you've seen us kiss like that?" Kim and I both asked hesitantly. Senia Mae looks up at us as if she can't believe we are asking such a ridiculous question.

"No," she said, "I am kissing you like Prince Eric kisses Ariel..." and she turned around and walked off.

"All right then," I said to Kim sarcastically. How dare we assume that she's gathering all of her good and bad habits from us!

This morning Senia Mae let herself into the bathroom as I was taking my shower. "Mommy, I'm right here," she says as she slaps her hand into the shower curtain, laughing as it sticks to my leg. "Do you want to take a shower with Emma?" Emma is her waterproof baby doll that spends a lot of time in our hot tub.

"No, that's o.k," I say, "she really likes taking a bath with you." Thinking that this was the end of our conversation I turned back around and began lathering my body with soap. I felt the curtain pull back and heard a slight thud; Emma had been dropped on my soapy feet. "I thought she was going to take a bath with you?" I said to Senia Mae as she stood on the other side of the steamy curtain.

"Mommy, you've hardly spent any time with her," she said as she walked out and shut the door. I couldn't argue...she was right. I hadn't spent any time with Emma in days...but those words sounded like they should have come out of my mouth!

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