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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Words Got In The Way

It is long before my eyes naturally open when I hear the thudding sound of little footsteps coming towards me. I try to clear the dense fog convincing my brain that this actually is not happening and I should definitely stay asleep. Within seconds a little person is at my side and bunny has been tossed by the ears onto my bed, landing right next to my cheek as Senia Mae stands up close to the edge next to me.

"Where is Mommy Kim?" she asks directly. Not Hi, good morning, or how are you.

"Mommy Kim had to work this morning. She left very early" I said.

"Aaaaaah" she sighs, totally disgruntled as she flops her head down on the bed hiding her disappointment. "I hate it when she's not here when I get up it's so..." she frantically searches for the word that describes her feeling of frustration "it's so boring."

"Boring?" I said laughing. "Do you even know what boring means? I don't think boring is the word you are looking for. Maybe you should try a different word" She had been picking up some cool words from our thirteen year old niece, Savannah.

"It's so...natural" Senia Mae says as she flips through her mental Rolodex of big and important sounding words, randomly picking one and inserting it into the sentence.

"I don't think natural is the word you are looking for either. How about when I wake up in the morning and Mommy Kim is not here I feel sad because I miss her" I looked into Senia Mae's eyes to see if there was a connection. "Does that explain the way you are feeling?"

"Yes Momma" she said happily "those are the right words." Before I could even sit up and laugh to myself about what had just happened she was already onto something else. "How does a chicken lay an egg...?" she said as she skipped out of the room...

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