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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And oh...those summer ni-heights

The Einstein string lights lit up the walkway just enough so we didn't trip on a root as we ran down to the dock for some night swimming. We already had our bathing suits on and our towels waved behind us like flags as we hurried to the waters edge. It was a sticky, summer night in Georgia, the kind only made better by a body of water and some ice cold sweet tea. Hearing the frogs hum their croaky tune reminded me of summer nights long ago at Girl Scout Camp Reynolds.

The water seemed chilly at first, dunking your toe in, but as soon as your body was completely submerged the warmth wrapped you up like a soothing bath. Looking west you could see the last pink glow of the sunset ducking behind the trees as Senia Mae talked us into catching her flying off the dock mid-air. Her squeals were silenced by the sound of a loud thunk.

"What's that?" Melissa asked, slightly concerned that we were being followed by a turtle. Night swimming allowed your mind to wander because you couldn't actually see what was in the dark water.

"Oh, it's just a big nut that splashed." I said, looking at the buckeye tree that leaned lazily over the shore.

"I love big nuts!" Senia Mae exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air and jumped off the dock, splashing us with her wake.

When the goose bumps finally set in we toweled off and got out the spotlight, casting our beam on frogs as their throats swelled, singing their summer tunes. We got down close and touched a couple. I tried to contain their leap as I placed the wiggly body into Senia Mae's tiny cupped palms. She screamed as it jumped up and over her head, and we laughed as we walked hand in hand back to the house to get ready for bed.

I think one of the best parts of being a parent is getting to relive some of your favorite childhood memories, the awesome moments that we sometimes take for granted as adults. John Travolta's falsetto voice sung in my head "and oh...those summer ni-heights" as I tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. It reminded me that there is still wonder in the simple things if we just take the time to enjoy them.

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