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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thank You Awfully

Like all good parents, we are trying to teach our fine Southern Belle good manners. This starts, of course, with saying please and thank you, Yes, Ma'am, No, sir and always declining any good offer with a polite no thank you. We are trying to be firm and direct without sounding as if we are barking out orders.

Senia Mae has picked up on this behavior and has begun sharing some of her favorite items with us: Easter candy, Craisins, and other four year old essentials. Her new thing is proudly offering "real" water that she got out of the bathroom sink in one of her porcelain tea cups. She thinks this new independence is where it's at! When the tea cup looks as if it has been sitting in her toy chest covered with dust and dog hair, I politely decline by saying,"I don't want any but thank you for offering!"

Today I was at the stove making some hot wheat cereal like Gram used to make on a daily basis. The secret to its goodness is adding a dollup of butter, salt, cream, and the secret ingredient, pure maple syrup. Mixing it slowly over low heat I was offering a spoonful to Senia Mae. "You know, this is the kind Gram used to eat every day...don't you want to try it?" I said hopefully.

"Do we have to eat this every day?" she asks wide eyed with horror.

"No," I laughed "but you haven't even tried any." She then goes to the cabinet and fishes out a better option for breakfast.

Senia Mae looks at me with pity in her eyes, realizing that she has won this one, and wraps up the conversation with: "No, Mama, I don't want any, but thank you awfully!"


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