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Friday, November 8, 2013

Mama, I just can't handle it!

I am so proud when I think of how outgoing our little social butterfly is. This week we have been on vacation in south Florida, just the three of us, enjoying a few days of fun in the sun. On the third day of solitude with mommies, Senia Mae ran up to the edge of the pool, waving at a group of swimming girls (actually a mom and her two daughters, but you couldn't tell). "Hey Girls" she yells to them clearly out of the blue. They turn around expecting to see someone a little bit older and of course are taken with Senia Mae and her "no frills" approach to introductions, thinking she is cute as pie. We are invited to join them in the pool and there you have it...instant friends! Meeting their family has been the best part of this trip, for we have spent the next several days together and are all getting along amazingly well, and it would not have happened without our bold little daughter just being who she naturally is.

Thursday night our families decided to have dinner at the marina. The table was fairly full with Chris, Beth, Keeley (12), Cienna (10), Senia Mae, me, and Kim. The kids sat on one side and the adults on the opposite, as the restaurant buzzed with live music, seagulls squawking, tides splashing, and the chatter of hungry folks. Because the girls are older than Senia Mae she just adores them, looking up to them as if they are older sisters and practically taking in every word they say. It had been a long day in the sun as we waited on our main course, staying in her seat was almost a little to much to ask of a three year old at that time.

Running around the table collecting napkins Senia Mae was buzzing with delight, trying to impress her new friends as she leaped into the aisle, causing a waiter to get off balance and drop an oyster on the floor. Mortified I quickly reprimanded Senia Mae, telling her in a very firm voice that she must remain in her chair and that her behavior was unacceptable. Instantaneously her eyes welled up with tears and that little lower lip stuck out (the way that little cartoon penguin used to when he cried out ice cubes) and I knew I had really embarrassed her in front her new friends. I knelt down by her chair and apologized, saying that I was sorry for embarrassing her, but how important it was to stay still in such a busy restaurant. We hugged and I could tell she felt better. Looking into her eyes I said, "Can you promise me you are going to be still and stay in your chair?"

She peered back at me with all of the honesty in the world and said "Mama, I just can't handle it!" I about lost it right there, trying hard not to bust out laughing as I was having a teaching moment. Sometimes kids are just so darned funny, coming out with things that we all feel but would never actually say and how could anyone stay mad at that face?

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