Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A speech therapist...I don't think so!

The Paceleys have a unique glitch in their recessive gene pool: many of them are blessed with extend-a-tongues. Most often this gene is limited to frogs and cows, somehow it has cross pollenated into the Paceley DNA. This allows them to be able to touch their noses with their tongues, entertaining the young and old with their uncanny capabilities. One of the drawbacks, though, is that the long tongue has little place to go when making the “s” sound and often the toddlers are a little lispy in their beginning trials of communication. One of the aunts even had to have her tongue trimmed because it didn’t fit all the way into her mouth.

Senia Mae has the Paceley extend-a-tongue and proudly touches her nose as she burrows her brows making sure the whole moment is being properly captured by her audience. She must have recently overheard us talking about lispy vocabulary, because as of late she has turned her “s” sounds into more of a “sch” sound in front of words like “schwing” or “schwim” or “schweet”. We don’t correct her because it is just so darn cute.

Yesterday at lunch we got back to the house and Senia Mae says, “Mommy my belly hurts”. She is at the phase right now where she says things she hears on television even though she does not necessarily understand exactly what they mean. The previous statement is a perfect example of this.

I replied, “Why does your belly hurt?”

“It just does” she said.

“What do you think would make it feel better?”

“Schwimming in the lake, right now!”

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