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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Night Swimming

Tonight is the type of night that reminds me why I fell in love with this place. The summer air is sticky and sweet, the moon is almost full, and the sounds of frogs and crickets singing their early evening anthem fills my ears with sweet solitude. Yes, indeed it is hard to beat.

Night swimming in the lake, we step in carefully, worried that the water will be too cold, but of course it is perfect after collecting the heat of the day. The critters peer from the thickets, watching in wonder as we splash delightfully, our eyes to the sky as we follow the clouds rolling delicately over the moon. My inner person is reminded of late nights at Girl Scout camp, as we take a night hike down the country dirt road, kicking stones and watching shadows as the moon lights our way.

It's late now...after eleven...and everyone else has retired for the evening. I am still savoring the loveliness of my surroundings, trying to breathe in all I can possibly ingest. Swinging on the back porch, I savor the stillness, for this feels like heaven to me.

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