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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time to eat the Donuts

My memory has been jarred lately with dreams of funny stories from long ago. This one took place probably fifteen years ago when we took Gram on a trip to visit Tennessee. I vowed to stop at as many Dunkin' Donuts as it took to find her favorite morning vittles, lemon filled crullers, along the three and a half hour drive from Atlanta to Knoxville.

Just outside of Knoxville on a small side road we spotted an old fashioned Dunkin' Donuts (you cold tell because they had the old curvy counter and the sign was the old brown logo). They didn't carry her exact choice but did have lemon filled donut holes and since this discovery was so rare we ordered about 50 of them to go.

We drove happily for the next couple of miles, munching on a donut hole or two, chatting easily and enjoying our time together. Later on we decided to stop in at Dillard's to check the sales, not even considering that we had my 7 year old Pomeranian, Russell, in the car who was also a lover of donuts (or any type of food for that matter, you would think we never fed him by the way he scarfed things down).

Upon returning to the car, before we even opened the door, Russell sat up on the armrest between the two front seats with his ears back. This was always an instant giveaway that he felt remorse over something he had done. Opening the door we saw a thick layer of powdered sugar masking his whiskers and realized that he had eaten about forty five donut holes! We laughed heartily as we reprimanded, "Russell, bad dog", but it was hard to be mad because we knew that they were hard to resist! The ride home was slow without any donut holes, but our hurt feelings were not anything compared to Russell's upset tummy!

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