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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dancing Queens

Before we decided to get pregnant I told Kim I wanted to go dancing one last time, a final hurrah, so to speak.  I love to dance and at one time I lived to dance....one more night of pounding music and spinning glamour wasn't too much to wish for.  

The last night of carefree club hopping never became a reality, but lately our living room has become the family dance floor where we mingle together shaking our groove thangs!

Tonight I arrived home from work and Kim had the iPod plugged into the surround sound.  Senia Mae was prancing around like a proud peacock in nothing but her pink, polka dotted big girl panties and red glitter ballerina shoes as Katy Perry wailed "In another life...I would be your girl..." at the exact time I walked over the threshold.  Club Paradise was apparently calling my name.

Smiling, my girls led me by hand to the dance floor and we swayed and swirled to the thunderous rhythms, until Senia Mae was so dizzy she almost fell over.  We all held hands and moved in a circle together, watching as our little girl just beamed with pride and joy, she was in her element.  It seemed so amazing that something so simple and spur of the moment could make her so happy and I remembered how it also made me so happy, realizing that it doesn't matter where you receive your joy, as long as you still allow yourself to feel it.  This nightclub was just as entertaining as any I had ever paid to get into and it was also close to my heart!


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fun times without the tv!