Thursday, June 21, 2012

No shoes, No pants, No Problem!!

Many of you probably know this, but if you do not, having a two year old means lots of singing, not that it matters here because we would sing anyway. Our home echoes with melodies from the soundtrack to Annie, happy theme songs to the Wonder Pets, an occasional hip hop hit, and of course, the boots on the table feel of Kenney Chesney.

It is not uncommon for me to break out the six string as the three of us sit on the porch singing our hearts out to anything played in the key of G, and just when we think the little one isn't listening, she comes out with a zinger!  It was all I could do to keep it together!

We were walking up the stairs to the driveway on our way to a play date and I hear Senia Mae humming something softly to herself.  She's just at the age where she is starting to speak in full sentences, but they don't always make sense and sometimes she adds her own words in as well. Her high pitched voice was cute I listened a little harder trying to make out the melody of what she was singing.  It was Kenney Chesney's "No shoes, no shirt, No problem", but instead of the humming the correct lyrics she was shoes, no pants, no problem!  I contained my laughter so I would not embarrass her, but could not stop thinking that her version of the song is what we all secretly wish we could do!  If Gram were still around she would have smiled, shaking her head spouting, "From the mouths of Babes..."

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