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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To the Reuinion???

We had a fantastic family reunion over the fourth of July weekend. Kim's father's side of the family gathered at the Lake Lanier, between our home and Uncle Terry's, from almost every corner of the country. Some folks hadn't been seen in ten years, some folks just found the family on Facebook after almost a lifetime of searching, some came distances without their daddy, some came distances to reconnect with their daddy and meet their cousins, and some decided to let bygones be bygones, loving us all anyway! The truth of the matter is that family creates connections that cannot be found elsewhere. When everyone makes an effort to get together, it brings forth memories that last a lifetime, and also making life MATTER. We all gathered for a the most spectacular fireworks display, Sparks at the Park, in Dawsonville, then on Sunday night met up for a complete family reunion at the Mellow Mushroom's upstairs function hall. Terry and Vicki made a very special effort by dragging out the old photo albums and making place settings with age old, some forgotten photographs of all who attended. It was loads of fun travelling around the enormous table, viewing each other's cards while learning little tidbits about each other we may never have known. A piece of paper was laid at each person's seat, intended for writing an unknown and anonymous fact about yourself to be read aloud later. We would have to guess who each fact belonged to. The fun began and comments were made, faces got red, people laughed, and smiles got wider. I didn't realize that Kim had submitted one for the newest and youngest member of the family, Senia Mae, and was totally surprised when Terry read aloud, "Right before I came here I escaped from the tub naked, streaked through the house, peed on the floor, and then slipped in it!" The crowd exploded with laughter as we each looked at each other secretly questioning, "Was that you?" suddenly realizing that it had to be Senia Mae! We were probably all secret streakers, but of course none of us would slip in our own mess! As the night wound down, the last digital images were taken, making this event a visibly permanent part of family history. The vast, motley crew gave hugs goodbye, well wishes, and better promises to keep in touch. I couldn't help but think of the song "Merry Christmas From the Family" by David Earl Keene. If you have never heard it look up the lyrics on Google. Everyone who has a family can relate to at least one of the crazy lyrics such as, "Hallelujah, everybody say cheese, Merry Christmas from the Family". Merry Christmas, Happy Fourth of July, ...whatever it is your celebrating, have a great one.... and we'll see ya' next time!!

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Anonymous said...

so funny! I am crying with laughter!!!