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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are you there Gram? It's me, Kara!

There are some days I really wonder if my mother's craziness may actually be true. She is almost absolutely certain that Senia Mae is in fact a reincarnation of my grandmother which, on most days, I think is utter insanity. I usually follow the school of thought that agrees "What harm can it do?" letting her believe what she will and simply moving on with my life. What occurred the other day may indeed be blowing my whole theory out of the water. Months ago my mother was cleaning out some of Gram's belongings, in an attempt to get ready for the "big move" to Georgia. What actually occurs during this process is that she makes piles of Gram's stuff for myself and my sister, so that she doesn't have deal with it all herself. This particular time my pile contained a retro, burnt avocado colored ironing board cover splattered with large bright flowers indicative of that era. It was still sealed in it's original packaging with the intact price tag of $1.69. When I came across the package I questioned my mother about it, her reply was simply "Well your house is fifties style...I thought it would go nicely!" What this really meant was.."Now you have the guilt if you decide to throw it away", which, of course, I didn't have the heart to, so it got tossed aside in my closet. Senia Mae seems to be very obsessed with the closet itself and anything inside of it's heavenly doors. Now that she is walking she has almost full access to anything she wants as long as I am not looking. The other day she poked her head out of the closet gripping something tightly in her chubby, little hand. As she waddled over she held her hand up showing me the old ironing board cover and her expression was unmistakable, almost as if she was saying to me "Now why would you want to hide this in the closet...I've been holding onto this for years!" I sat there absolutely stunned, as if Gram herself was speaking to me, and thought...could Mom actually be right? :)

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If you don't want it. I'll take it. tp