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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are my thumbs large or are these letters just really small?

I can hardly stop laughing long enough to write this. My friend Amy is just learning how to text. We had been chatting on the phone earlier this morning about a particularly stubborn situation and ended it with "We'll continue later". Completely forgetting about our earlier conversation, I sent her a very darling picture mail of Senia Mae sitting on the porch. Her response was "Just called hoecake and said come now." I read this statement with a puzzled expression, desperately trying to figure out who hoecake may be and why it was such an emergency. Come to find out Amy is just learning to text and her thumbs hit the letters NEXT to the ones she had originally intended...thus the name Jorgene resulting in HOECAKE. I was on the floor laughing, hardly able to take a breath. I mean really....I'm married with children....wouldn't we all want to be a Hoecake once again....if only for a day or two??? :)

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Susan & Dee said...

this is an everyday occurence when susie can't find her glasses! brings back fond memories and made me laugh my butt off!