Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Miracles

Spring has sprung in Georgia, which means dust, pollen, and allergens are blossoming in every crack and crevice available to any loose particle. It was quickly becoming a hectic morning...you know how it is...trying to get one last thing done before leaving for work. This particular morning we decided to wash the dust ruffle under the mattress to remove any unwanted "extras".

We both were hefting the massive pallet in an upright position toward the ceiling, grunting as we tried to avoid an accidental crash landing on the baby who thought the whole scene was absolutely fascinating. Her little angel's face said it all. "What's under there?" was the question her expression translated, even though she is still unable to actually speak in formulated words.

Just then Kim commented, "What is that wooden spoon doing between the mattresses?" I smiled remembering the old Italian wives tale that had said a wooden spoon under the mattress would make a little girl, I had secretly placed it there when we were trying to get pregnant and completely forgotten about it. Now our little girl was observing and enjoying our re-discovery of the "little miracle" that happened when we weren't even paying attention!

Who ever said don't believe everything you hear?

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