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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm finding that my own wisdom IS BabyWise

One of the most significant parenting lessons I have learned surrounds the age old saying "Fake it until you make it". I have found that method to be successful in all areas of life. Parenting takes up a lot of your time, seriously, I wonder why we weren't yachting through Europe for the last five years, for we had all of the time and money in the world (compared to now at least LOL)! But alas, LIFE happens while you are trying to catch up and get it together, hence the statement of faking it. I have joined this fantastic Mom's group in my town. The group has get togethers a few times a month and includes busy, working Moms that also want to have socially integrated, balanced, happy children. Perfect. When I found out the details it worked for me because I didn't really have time for coffee and gossip, but still wanted to make time to ensure that my child is thriving, as well as being able to pick other brains about specific parenting issues. We met Thursday morning at a petting zoo and all of the kids were thrilled, running around with brushes petting the sheep, ponies, donkeys, and random chickens that blazed through the barnyard. Senia Mae is not actually walking yet, so I had her in the front facing Snugli carrier, which happens to be her favorite place close to me, so it almost guarantees that she will just chill out, having a good time without any extra ruckus. After a hayride, we got dropped off at picnic tables for a quick lunch. Unfortunately there were some very hungry chickens that jumped on the table, plucking a succulent piece of sandwich out of a particularly sensitive toddler's hands, resulting in a complete meltdown. Her mom soothed her, but to no avail; she was upset and was not going to rest until those chickens got theirs. The chaos died down eventually, after the farmer supplied us with some squirt bottles to swat away the aggressive chickens, but you could tell this mom was still a little embarrassed at her child's over-reaction to a what should have been a fairly mild situation. By this time I had Senia Mae standing on the grass, holding on to the front of her stroller, playing with the straps. She was giggling away and appeared to be in hog's heaven. You know, whatever works, if the kid is happy I'm going to let her be. The mom came up to me commenting on how "well adjusted" Senia Mae appears to be, asking if I follow the suggestions of the book BabyWise. I let out a deep laugh stating that I would love to follow that protocol and am hoping the information is being transferred via osmosis, for all of my best parenting books have been left to collect dust on the dresser, sitting there ready for whenever I have a spare moment to learn a few "tools of the trade"! I did and still do have the best intentions, being able to accept the fact that my parenting skills are mostly coming from instinct and what I feel is right. I don't know if I just have a great kid, or she just has very cool parents, or maybe she's just too young to have got to the troublesome age yet...but for now things are going fine....naturally. Of course a chiropractor's kid is going to be WELL adjusted...it's just what we do!

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