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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Prego on the Go

It's gotten to the point now where my patients, even though it is said with love, address me "You're still here?" on a daily basis. I was certain that I would already be on maternity leave and have discovered that telling a first time mother that she is ONE centimeter dilated is as mean and cruel as telling a child that Santa skipped over their house. Thank God I'm still working, it's the only activity that allows me to actually think about something else and not obsess about my over-ripening bundle that is not too eager to enter the New World! I've heard a thousand times in the last week, enjoy the last of your alone time, and while I am totally convinced that this IS true, I can't possibly enjoy this time because I have turned into a crazed, phsychotic, hormonal lunatic who feels like Prissy just sitting on the egg. Certainly you remember her, she was the skinny, nerdy chicken in Foghorn Leghorn's roost that all of the other hens made fun of because she couldn't produce! I have now decided that I am going to become Prego on the Go, a task oriented severely pregnant woman who completes tasks without obsessing about uncontrollable circumstance! If you have any tasks for Prego on the Go, please let her know, I don't want to say we are desperate....but we could be!

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Unknown said...

Oh my dear friend! We, too are ready for the arrival!!! I feel like I'm waiting just as hard: we've baby proofed the house, put in new lighting in the front, and cleaned out a room for the baby to take naps... I know you're doing all you can, but I still have a ton of yard work to do, so if you feel like prego on the go today, feel free to rake my yard, throw out some grass seed, run more lights and spread out some gravel under the house?

Just kidding.. really... but, perhaps as I said last night, you should sit and have a quiet talk with the baby. Tell her/him that you are planning a surprise party for Kim (no, I'm not suggesting you lie to your child - let's plan something!) for her birthday. Make it a wonderful party that even that baby won't want to miss. Sort of like dangling a carrot. Surely the promise of a party will bring that child into the light! Don't talk about it being cold - baby's don't like cold. If I think of more things you cand do, I'll let you iknow. Love, Aunt Amy